Treatment of Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids - A Relatively Serious Condition

Published: 24th September 2009
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Looking for treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids? What exactly is thrombosed external hemorrhoids? Well it means the original hemorrhoid becomes compacted with blood causing extreme pain as well as swelling in the area. So thrombosis literally means blood clot. Ultimately the blood supply is cut off and if not treated immediately could slowly develop into gangrene.

Should you feel a hard lump in the area then you have probably developed an external thrombosed hemorrhoid which will be swollen as well as very tender and painful on touch and the coloration is a sort of shiny purple. There could also be a cluster like a bunch of small grapes present that are all thrombosed.

As far as the treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids is concerned, the best solution in this case is to seek medical assistance whereby a confirmed diagnosis can be made. Although one does not have to ultimately suffer from this condition as there are also many natural remedies available which will help combat the swelling and pain preventing you from having any painful surgical procedures.

You could start by reviewing your dietary habits and start to including foods like whole grains, varies types of beans, fresh vegetables and fruit and plenty of fluids which help prevent constipation and if your life style does not permit correct eating habits then there are alternatives such as Metamucil and Senokot plus many other products as well as Preparation H which can be bought directly over the counter.

Due to the vast amount of pain and discomfort that one experience's with thrombosed external hemorrhoids, surgery is an option which involves the hemorrhoid tissue being cut away and this procedure is normally done using a local anaesthetic.

A small to large incision is made and the blood clot safely removed and you will also have a few stitches put in. There are certain risk factors involved such as infection but usually this procedure is safe.

A procedure that is a lot less painful and far safer is laser surgery although you may have to have several treatments which will incur costs eventually. There is little or no risk of infection occurring after laser treatment.

Then again if surgery frightens you and you are able to withstand the pain, there are non-surgical treatments you can use to alleviate your external thrombosed hemorrhoids which obviously will take some time.

What is the best treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids? Well, some people will opt for a surgical procedure due to the pain and discomfort but everyone has a choice and yes alternative therapy is far safer and less harmful and each person has to decide for themselves which is the better option. Maybe if you go online the articles that have been written can help you make the right choice.

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Treatment of Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

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