Treatment For Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid - The Best Treatment?

Published: 25th September 2009
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Seeking treatment for thrombosed external hemorrhoid? Once you have confirmed the diagnosis of hemorrhoids, early treatment can prevent more serious conditions arising like thrombosed external hemorrhoids which developed over time due to lack of sufficient treatment.

By going into a pharmacy or health shop you can buy creams and ointments over the counter which will alleviate your symptoms and prevent them from worsening.

Blood clots are formed when the blood supply has been cut and the hemorrhoid literally become strangled which then results in thrombosed hemorrhoids and is an extremely painful and uncomfortable condition to be in.

Although cortisone creams do help but only over an extended period of time and this type of hemorrhoid needs immediate attention like having a surgical procedure done. You can prevent this from happening altogether but not allowing constipation to develop producing hard stools which is the main cause of piles.

Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables as well as beans need to be included in your diet as well as eating foods that have a high content of fibre. Drink plenty of water and fluids throughout the day which will all round improve your situation and promote normal soft bowel movements. In fact, changing your diet may be considered the best treatment for thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

There are also many products which you can obtain over the counter like husk, Metamucil and Senokot as well as hydrocortisone creams which will help your piles to shrink before you end up with thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

If you are already suffering from this type of hemorrhoid and the pain is unbearable, then surgery should be performed. This is a relatively quick procedure which involves cutting the hemorrhoid tissue away by making a small incision as well as a few stitches and you need not have a general anaesthetic as most doctors do this procedure in their consulting rooms under local anaesthetic. However one can develop an infection and may have some pain afterwards.

Alternatively you have another choice which may result in having to have a few treatments and may cost you quite a bit is laser surgery but this procedure is far safer and does not carry the risk of infection occurring. Then again there are many and various non surgical treatments which you can approach if you are able to live with the pain and discomfort you have.

One way or the other you need to resolve the thrombosed external hemorrhoids as this condition cannot be left unattended and due to the severe pain most people tend to have surgery done which resolves the pain and discomfort almost instantly as well as improves recurrence. So before you make any rash decisions go online and do some research then you can decide which way to turn making the right choice. You want to choose the best treatment for thrombosed external hemorrhoid for yourself.

Treatment for Hemorrhoid Question?

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Treatment for Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

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