Treatment for Prolapsed Hemorrhoids - Relieve Your Pain Fast

Published: 24th September 2009
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What is the best treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids? Anyone who has suffers from hemorrhoids on a regular basis knows that they are classified into stages ranging from 1- 4. Stages 3 and 4 are considered the most painful; they are external, or, prolapsed hemorrhoids. Even though more painful than piles or internal hemorrhoids, they usually respond faster to hemorrhoids home remedy management.

Ice is considered by many to be a fast and most effective treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids. Ice numbs quickly and helps to reduce swelling, thereby relieving pain. It's also the easiest to use away from home; whether you are at a store down the street or on an airplane, it's fairly simple to get a cup of ice water and head to the rest room.

Although relief is almost instantaneous, the pain may occur rather quickly once the ice is removed. The longer you are able to keep the ice next to the affected area, the longer the pain will be relieved when you remove it.

In a pinch, there's nothing like popping a few old fashioned aspirin for fast pain relief! They won't do much for the swelling, but they will mask the pain long enough to head home to try something else. Just don't take more than the daily recommended limit.

Try a hot sizzling bath, too, with either a container you put over your toilet seat, or by sitting in the tub. Although ice is quite effective, you can't leave it on for extended periods without suffering some tissue damage.

Hot water is soothing, and the after effects last much longer. For even more relief, add a heavy dose of Epsom salts. Once you get out of the tub, apply olive oil to the affected area. This has wonderful calming and soothing abilities, even on its own.

Also, get rid of your bathroom tissue and use remoistened wipes.

Another very effective home treatment for prolapsed hemorrhoids is minced garlic. Garlic has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and stop infections. These same properties help painful hemorrhoids. Take a little minced garlic, mix it with a few drops of olive oil, place on some gauze, wrap, and place on the affected area. Leave it there as long as possible.

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