Thrombosed Hemroid Treatment or Hemorrhoids - No Difference

Published: 24th September 2009
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Are you looking for thrombosed "hemroid" treatment or thrombosed "hemorrhoids" treatment? No matter how you spell this difficult word, it really doesn't make any difference. What matter most is you want to find the most effective treatment.

Hemorrhoids are painful, there is no doubt about it. Frequent flare ups can lead us to depression and high levels of anxiety because of the high level of pain. Add a few blood clots and you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

Even though blood clots can cause severe problems when found in other parts of the body, a clot inside an external hemorrhoid typically isn't an issue - other than the pain it's causing. But there are a few pretty reliable tried and true thrombosed "hemroid" treatment methods you can use at home.

If the pain is severe and need help as soon as possible, try a few over the counter pain relievers. These pain relievers are fast and very effective - they just aren't going to solve the problem long term. They are going to provide some immediate pain relief, however, and that's probably your first concern.

Some individuals simply cannot take medicine. Whether it's their religion or a sensitive stomach, they need to find other ways to reduce pain when it happens. In a situation like this, grab some ice and apply it to the swollen tissues.

The ice will help twofold: it will numb the tissue and help to reduce the swelling. You don't want to incur frostbite, but the longer you can leave it on (one minute on, one minute off) the longer you will benefit from the after effects.

Next, try some topical numbing cream. If you don't have a real hemorrhoid cream on hand, even an oral gel for toothaches will work just as well. Apply liberally, then climb into a hot bath. The heat will make you feel better quickly.

If you happen to notice that these flare ups are happening more frequently, and your lifestyle is changing, ask your doctor about surgical recommendations. Sure, it hurts. There's recovery time, there's some post op pain, and you can't go running back to work afterwards. But in the long run, it'll all be worth it.

Hopefully, you have found the best thrombosed "hemroid" treatment that suits you.

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